Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget Looks like you’ve added some widgets to the right sidebar widget area but not the left (or the other way around, I forget :-))

Go to Appearance >> Widgets

Drag and drop at least one widget to the Left Sidebar area and another to the Right sidebar area.

The left and right sidebars contain default widgets that are rest/removed when the first widget is added to those sidebars. The default widgets are there so for those new to WordPress have a site that works in full without having to understand how to use widgets, though the ideal setup is you build your own menus based on your site needs.

Only add the widgets to the sidebars to build the menu items you want, so if you don’t want RSS feeds on your menu don’t add the Meta Widget back to the sidebar.

You currently have the WordPress default links in your link widgets, really irritating WordPress adds so many default links (7 of them!), I suggest going to:

Links >> All Links

And delete them all and add your own via the Add Link menu so you aren’t wasting link benefit to WordPress.