Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget Going to guess you don’t understand too much about widgets.

Under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” you have a lot of Widget Areas that correspond to different parts of the Stallion theme.

If you’ve never been on this page and added widgets to those areas (you drag and drop widgets into those areas) you are probably using some of the default WordPress and/or the default Stallion widgets (WordPress and Stallion show some by default). You might find for example if you ran the TwentyTwelve theme before Stallion you have a WordPress default Recent Articles widget on the Left Sidebar, this is an editable widget. Click the little down arrow at the right side on the widget and you’ll see a Title area, if it’s blank it defaults to “Recent Articles” when viewed by your visitors. Add whatever you want in that Title box.

If the right and left sidebar widget areas are empty Stallion by default adds a few basic widgets to those two areas so it’s not blank, this is not the best setup, add at least one widget to the left and one widget to the right and the defaults are gone so you can addonly the widgets you want.

Stallion has a lot of custom widgets, some are editable and some aren’t, for some of the non-editable Stallion widgets you can change the widget titles on the Stallion Language option page. there are some language defaults on the Stallion Language options page for a quick setup.

Regarding the Recent Articles widget, there’s a better Stallion one. Add a “Stallion SEO Posts” widget to one of your sidebars and give it a relevant title and select Recent Posts. With this widget you can show a thumbnail image and an excerpt of the post. This is a multi-widget which means you can add it multiple times, on this site for example I’m using one on the right sidebar title: Stallion Popular Articles which is set to Popular Posts and another one in the footer widget title: Latest Stallion Articles which is set to Recent Posts, both of these widgets I’ve set the thumbnail to 50px by 50px.