Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget Although Stallion Responsive v8 is based on Stallion WordPress SEO v7, it’s a separate theme and I removed/replaced some of the older widgets with better ones.

If a Stallion WordPress SEO v7 widget isn’t part of Stallion Responsive v8 it’s either because it was old out of date code or a better alternative was added.

The old recent comments widgets (the ones with 12 and 18 comments) are using very old out of date WordPress code (depreciated code if I recall correctly that I first used in Talian 5).

You could try copying the relevant PHP code for the widgets from Stallion 7 into Stallion Responsive and they should work: probably need some tweaks to account for new CSS changes.

Easiest way to do this is via the Responsive Child theme, edit the file

functions-child.php or functionsplus-child.php

Both files are part of the child theme for this sort of thing, adding new theme features, it’s how I develop new features, first add them to the child theme and then move them to the main theme if they are worth keeping.

You’ll note in the functionsplus-child.php files there’s an example feature that’s only part of the child theme, it’s the more detailed favicon feature that I decided not to add to main Stallion Responsive (was part of Stallion 7) because it had a lot of images associated with it that were better as the child theme (kept the main theme zip file small).

Anyway, what you’d do is find the PHP widget code from Stallion v7 you want and add it to the child theme.

Can’t provide better details as this PC I’m on is even struggling to run Windows Explorer and keeps crashing. Few more days and should have a new PC.