Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by Erik.

WordPress SEO Widget Dave, am on the home stretch of tweaking CSS for Stallion Responsive and have gotten stuck so have one other (okay two other ;) ) questions– Is it possible to use previous versions of widgets?

Basically I am interested in the Recent Comments widget–I’d like to be able to display recent comments without gravatars, and to make the text size smaller, and I’m really not sure the proper way to do that.

I’d also like to be able to display recent comments without the text excerpts (my goal with all these changes is to be able to have a more compact recent comments area which is more quickly-scannable for the user).

So I’m wondering if the old Stallion 7 (6?) comments widget would just be simpler for me to use, if it is functional in this theme (have been through the theme options a few times and haven’t been able to find any option to display old widgets though maybe I missed it). Or, if you can point me to where I ought to make changes to achieve this within the latest recent comments widget.

Maybe there is a control for displaying past versions of widgets in WordPress but unless I’m remembering wrong I thought there was something in the theme control panel in Stallion 7 and previous versions.

To keep things simpler I think I’ll just put the other question in its own post.