Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Not clear from the above which options you are tying to import.

The main options pages of Stallion Responsive (AdSense, Performance, SEO advanced….) lack an export settings feature. There’s an import option (which you used partially), but no export.

The import feature is a manual process, manually create and modify a file like stallion_defaults_custom_1.php and use it to export options to multiple sites.

Having a built in export feature is on the list of things to do, with so many options pages it’s not straight forward.

There are WordPress clone plugins that can copy an entire WordPress installation, so one of those could make a clone of your test site to use on another site.

The Stallion CSS Creator feature for changing font colours/sizes etc… does have an export and import feature. I know you’ve been working with the CSS Creature feature, if it’s the options from that they can be downloaded and imported into another site.

You’ll find full instructions on the Colour Scheme CSS File Creator Settings page. Still need to create a full tutorial for this feature, have a partial tutorial at Stallion Responsive Change Fonts Tutorials which includes info how to turn the feature on.

When the Child Theme is active the files you’ll want to use as the import source are saved to


Actual CSS files, download a CSS file you created, upload to another site and the new colour scheme works.


These are the backups for importing to other sites or for further modification. For example if you decide later you want a font of one of your custom colour schemes a different colour this is how you modify it later without having to mess around editing CSS files.


BTW there’s some info about the creator feature at wrote this when I was developing the feature.