Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Stallion Responsive 8 is a new premium theme (WordPress SEO Package to be more precise) so not a free update for Stallion WordPress SEO v 7.1.1 users.

See the comment Stallion Responsive Discount for more details.

As a Stallion WordPress SEO 6.2 buyer there’s no discounts, though I have kept Stallion Responsive 8.0 at only $100 until the 8.1 update (earlier this month) that added major performance SEO features (it’s blinking awesome, ready for Google SEO 2015). Given my old customers plenty of time to buy Stallion Responsive at $100 before the price goes up to $500 next week.

With what Stallion Responsive 8.1 is capable of it’s still a bargain at $500. If I wasn’t the developer I’d pay that amount in a heartbeat for the SEO features you can’t get anywhere else.

In hindsight should have called Stallion Responsive something else to avoid confusion, but like the name Stallion :-)

BTW I sent a mailing list message to all past customers explaining this. If you aren’t on the mailing list you can join at: