Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Setting up a Mailman Mailing List for Stallion Responsive update notifications and it’s a PAIN.

Mailman is built into Virtualmin (control panel I use) as a Webmin module so in theory should be easy to setup (basic setup was easy enough), but Mailman is really old (been around since the 90s, though regularly updated) and not that obvious how to get it to work. Considering hoe long it’s been around the documentation needs work.

Have it fully working as a notification only list (subscribers can’t post) other than the output, the template is ugly from the 90s, so working on fixing it, but currently stuck trying to build a Mailman template that will link to (a simple text link) without the HTTP being changed to HTTPS and :10000 (a port number) appended to the end of

Must have some kind of host check that forces https and adds the port :10000, weird. Means I can’t add links to relevant URLs on the same domain the list is hosted on (this domain where all the relevant info is) until I figure out why it’s happening.

WHEN I get it working will have a fully featured free mailing list for sending out notifications. Can then add the thousands of email addresses I have from theme customers I’ve not used for anything, I’m one of those idiotic Internet marketers that don’t upsell :-)

Plenty of Internet marketers pay for lists from Aweber and similar when there’s free (not so easy to use) tools available :-) Used Aweber before for a Stallion update list and did not like it considering it runs at hundreds of dollars a year if you have a fair number of subscribers.