Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Stallion is designed for all self hosted WordPress blog users (can’t be used at and is very easy to use considering what you can achieve with a WordPress blog running Stallion.

If you have self hosted WordPress up and running already installing Stallion is no harder than any other premium theme. Install Stallion like you would any theme, copy and paste an activation code (provided during the order process) on the main Stallion options page and you are good to go.

As there are 13 options pages with hundreds of options it does take time to learn what Stallion can achieve (there are theme tutorials on this site), but that’s Stallion advanced use and it’s easy to learn over time. If you can read and understand what an option does and click a mouse there’s no reason why a complete newbie can’t use Stallion to create sites exactly the same as I do.

For example in the next Stallion update I’ve added a Privacy Policy Static Page Template. In WordPress when you create a Static Page (like an About Page) you can select a different template (in the next Stallion update there’s 15 Stallion Page templates, Stallion is also special when it comes to Page Templates as they can also be used on Blog Posts as well – don’t know of any other theme that has this feature). So if you want a Privacy Policy page to meet AdSense T&Cs next Stallion update makes it easy, create a Page, call it Privacy Policy or similar, select the Privacy Policy Page Template and you’ll have a privacy policy page without having to type anything else.

That’s a great feature by itself, it gets better. On the main Stallion options page there’s 3 options related to the Privacy Page. Hide or show a link to a Privacy Page in the footer area, the URL to the privacy page and the anchor text of the link to the privacy page.

The Privacy Policy Page Template has code to generate a URL for the site the Privacy Policy is for, it has two options. It can use the URL to the privacy page that a user can add to the Stallion options page or use the HTTP Referer URL (which to use is set on the Stallion options page as part of the show/hide footer link option).

The HTTP Referer URL is the URL the visitor came from, so if I clicked a link from that went to the HTTP Referer URL is

This means using Stallion you can create one Privacy Policy page (at for all your websites and use Stallion to have a footer link to that page from all your sites. I have around 90 WordPress blogs, I down’t want to create 90 Privacy Policy pages, so I’ll create one and link to it, when a visitor clicks the footer link to the privacy policy page it reads

Privacy Policy Page for website

This sounds really complicated right? To code it is quite complicated, but to use it’s easy, see the image below to see the screenshot of the new settings.

AdSense Privacy Policy

That’s about as complicated as it gets for the vast majority of options. There’s a lot of very advanced WordPress techniques built into Stallion, but I’ve made it as easy as possible to use them. When trying to push limits some features do take more effort, but most features built into Stallion are usable by newbies. Remember I use Stallion on around 90 domains to make money online, when I need a new feature I add it to Stallion and make it as easy as possible to use without degrading it’s impact. When a customer runs into a problem, I see an opportunity to add a new set of features.

I tend to use a similar setup on all my sites, so to make it easier I’ve added a set of what I call SEO Defaults for my and customers use, near the bottom of the main Stallion options page is a tick box for using those defaults: tick a box, click a save button and a site very similar to this one. Edit a handful of settings and you have a unique website.

So two clicks of the mouse and you can have a site not much different to the one you are on now.

All that being said, I know Mark who regularly comments here has been using Stallion before it was called Stallion :-) is offering a Stallion setup service, can pass your email address to Mark if you want?