Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Stallion 6.01 didn’t have the built in Stallion built in premium WordPress theme updater.

You can’t use the WordPress theme installer to update a theme, when a theme already exists (already installed) WordPress throws out an error though not the too big error. Have to say consider WordPress core not having the option to use the WordPress theme installer to upload the same theme zip file a feature failing. The WordPress automatic theme updater (the one where you click Update themes etc…) manages to delete the current theme directory and installs from the zip file from the WordPress theme repository, so don’t understand why the same can’t be part of the manual theme installer. The only real difference is the WordPress user is obtaining the zip file from their PC rather than from the WordPress repository server.

Anyway, I think I know what’s happening.

Sounds like this is anew Stallion theme install or you’ve deleted the old version of Stallion (making it a newish install :-)).

Your hosting account has the maximum file upload size set too low, many web hosts have it set to just 2MBs, you need a minimum 10MBs to install Stallion that way. Since the upload size is too low when you try to install any large theme or plugin you’ll get the file too big error.

If your hosting did have a max file upload size big enough (email them and ask for the max file upload size t be increased to 20MBs) you wouldn’t get the file size error, instead you’d get the folder exists error instead since /stallion-seo-theme/ folder already exists (unless as I suspect you deleted the theme or new install).

Solution is use FTP to upload the extracted Stallion theme over the current /wp-content/themes/stallion-seo-theme/

When up to date future updates will be able to use the premium theme automatic updater.