Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Stallion 6.2 doesn’t require an earlier version of Stallion to install.

I’m assuming you are using the WordPress built in theme installer to install the Stallion 6.2 zip file.

Sounds like your server is timing out, there’s various settings that allow a script etc… to run for X number of seconds (a lot of default settings are between 30 and 120 seconds) before timing out, if a server is running correctly those timeout values aren’t hit and everything runs fine, but a server under strain (too much traffic, over sold cheap hosting, loads of possible causes…) and services that are running are delayed and those timeouts can be hit.

Not a Stallion theme issue per se, but the Stallion 6.2 zip file is quite big, about 9MBs (which is big for a theme, it’s all the headers and banners, but not that big that it won’t install). If your server was having resource issues might be more likely to timeout than a smaller zip file since it takes longer to install.

Keep trying until it works, wait an hour to see if the server issues have resolved, if you find after a few tries it still fails and there’s no error messages use FTP to install instead.

If you do think it’s a server resource issue and it’s not a one off issue you’ll probably experience more problems in the future especially if you are installing autoblogs (think you do if I recall correctly), autoblogs can be resource hogs, quite a lot of reports online about hosting accounts being deleted due to using too many server resources!

You could also rule out a corrupt zip file, if you’ve used the zip file for another site it won’t be the zip file. Try extracting the zip file on your computer if there’s an error message the files corrupt, redownload and try again.

BTW best place for Stallion support is at Stallion Theme Support, you can find this link on the top navigation menu on the left with label “Stallion Theme Support” (it’s on every page of the site). I use a plugin for moving comments around, so if it’s posted to the wrong page I can move them, but the original commenter might find it harder to find my response that way, so best to put the support comment in the correct place to start with. Can also add support comments to other pages if it makes sense to that post, so if you were asking for support regarding AdSense best two places to post are either here or the Stallion AdSense Support page (where ever it’s posted I’ll respond). Long term I move comments off the main support page to relevant posts, if someone posts an AdSense question here I’ll move it to the AdSense page long term so related questions and solutions are grouped together for easier access.