Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Responded to your email, it’s probably the /wp-content/upload/ folder not being writable 775.

For others with this sort of error message (you can get it with any WordPress theme) quick way to check your file permissions without using an FTP program or control panel filemanager is to try to use the WordPress media uploader which is available on every post/page edit screen.

Create a new post or static page (you can delete the draft when done testing) and click the upload image link (“Add Media” in newer version of WP) which is below where you add the pages title, browse to an image on your computer and try to upload it. If the write permissions of your uploads folder (by default /wp-content/uploads/) isn’t writable (775 or 777) adding an image will fail.

If it does fail the fix is use an FTP program (I use Filezilla) or control panel filemanager is to go to /wp-content/ and change the /uploads/ folder permissions to 775 (if 775 doesn’t work try 777, but 777 has potential security risks). If the /uploads/ folder doesn’t exist create it.

Also see for more info (bit technical mind you).