Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by Paul Zagoridis.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. The error only occurs on the admin side.

I think it is a server issue, as it is an intermittent fault. It’s an under-powered Level 3 Hostgator VPS (<1gb memory so httpd crashes regularly). But I can't get into any of the Stallion options without that error at the moment.

I think the themeupdatechecker is being inserted everywhere on the admin side. I got that error on my dashboard in the following areas: WordPress blog, Other wordpress news, Incoming links, plugins. I also get it when I try to clear spam. So I think the theme update checker is not very efficient.

Thanks for the heads up on the duplicate analytics. I like YOASTs plugin for its options. Especially I can disable analytics by role (e.g. Administrator).