Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme When you say “I didn’t want to lose what had been done on my site previously” are you referring to the options you’ve set or you’ve made custom file changes like uploading your own banner images etc…?

If it’s options you’ve set doing an update won’t overwrite your current Stallion settings, they are safely held in the WordPress database which uploading files doesn’t change. You can safely delete the /stallion-seo-theme/ folder, activate another theme, come back weeks later reinstall Stallion either via FTP or the the WordPress built in theme installer and your old Stallion settings will still be set as you left them.

If you’ve made file changes like uploading your own banner images to the custom folders easiest way to update is use FTP and upload the extracted (extracted from the Stallion 6.2 zip file) /stallion-seo-folder/ over the /wp-content/themes/stallion-seo-theme/ folder. If the customizations are only banner images (not editied template files like the custom-widgets.php file) uploading the new /stallion-seo-theme/ folder via FTP won’t overwrite your banner images held in the custom folders).

When upgrading via FTP be patient and wait for all files to upload before accessing anything under the WordPress Dashboard. If you access the Dashboard early you might get errors as files are overwrote by your FTP program.

If you’ve got no customization and running Stallion 6.1 use the built in theme updater under Appearance >> Themes or Dashboard >> Updates. This option isn’t available in Stallion 6.0 or 6.0.1, use FTP.

Anyway, not 100% sure what you’ve done, sounds like you’ve deleted files and not uploaded new ones.

I would activate TwentyEleven under Appearance >> Themes

Using FTP if your FTP program has this option drag the /stallion-seo-theme/ folder from




This will remove the Stallion files, but not delete them. This way if you have custom files you can add them back in later if you don’t have offline copies.

If you can’t do the above download the /stallion-seo-theme/ folder to your computer so you have a backup copy, when you have a backup copy delete the /stallion-seo-folder/ using your FTP program.

Upload the new /stallion-seo-theme/ (extracted from the 6.2 zip file) to


Reactivate Stallion under Appearance >> Themes

By moving/deleting the Stallion folder and uploading the new one you can be 100% certain you have all the files required and haven’t double upload Stallion, if you put two Stallion theme folder like


You might activate the second one and everything could go wrong. Might even be what you’ve done.

If you have no custom files you should be back up and running normally. If you have customizations they will be missing. If it’s banner images that you have on your PC upload them to the custom folder you have them in before. If another customization repeat whatever you did to the Stallion 6.0.1 files. Difficult to give more advice on customizations without knowing what they are if any.


Edit: Checked your site and the login doesn’t work.

Use FTP and move the Stallion folder as I suggested above without activating TwentyEleven first. If you can’t move folders using FTP make the backup and delete it. When the Stallion folder is gone from the themes folder WordPress with activate the default theme, TwentyEleven giving you access to the Dashboard.