Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by Anise Parker.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Hi David,

I really messed up when I tried to go from 6.01 to 6.2. At first, while I did the FTP, I created an extra folder within the seo-theme folder with the same name so I deleted the whole folder. Then I redid the upload and that is when I overwrote some files and some I didn’t overwrite because I didn’t want to lose what had been done on my site previously. So, now I get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function st_wp_generatoroff() in /home/parkerae/public_html/marketingorama/wp-content/themes/stallion-seo-theme/plugins/wp_head_remove_action.php on line 3

I guess the next time, I will apply the updates as I get them instead of skipping any. Is there anyway, you can help resolve this problem or tell me how to start over?

Thanking you in advance…