Comment on How to Update WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Didn’t think you’d make that mistake Mark :-)

Problem is the themes folder already exists and so WordPress refuses to update that way.

Always wondered why you can’t use the WordPress theme uploader/installer to update a theme or reinstall a theme you’ve broken (easy to break a theme using the WordPress built in theme editor), you’d think they would allow us to update/reinstall that way.

Currently if you don’t/can’t use the built in theme updater which for most premium themes isn’t an option because they aren’t added to the WordPress theme repository (note: for future Stallion updates I’ve added an updater, so you’ll be able to update from 6.1 to say 6.2 from the WordPress dashboard from now on) you have to use FTP or as you’ve found rename the current themes folder (which means FTP or other filemanger access), not exactly user friendly.

Funny thing is the ability is there, when you use the WordPress theme updater for a theme in the WordPress theme repository (and Stallion 6.1+), WordPress uploads the zip file to your site (to where ever you have your uploads folder), extracts it and deletes the original themes folder replacing it with the new extracted folder. I can’t see why using the upload a theme WordPress feature couldn’t use this same concept maybe with a warning the current themes folder will be deleted so any customisations will be lost.

Basically means you have to use FTP to update for most premium themes.