Comment on Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Layout Options by SEO Dave.

WordPress 2 Column Layouts There’s isn’t an export Stallion SEO settings per se, you could of course clone a site which will cone everything if you plan to build a lot of new sites that can save a lot of time: setup one empty site (no content) with preferred theme, theme options, plugins etc… and clone it as the starting point for all new sites.

There’s WordPress clone plugins for this.

Stallion Responsive includes a set of default options files which can be modified offline and used on any site. It’s described on the main Stallion Theme options page near the bottom “Use My Defaults Settings File (Optional)”.

Working on the Stallion Responsive 8.2 update which should be released before Christmas: this is the info from Stallion Responsive 8.2 (adding some more custom files in Stallion 8.2, so 8.1 lacks the 5 custom files):

These are the tick options:
Use Current Settings
Use My Default Settings File : stallion_defaults.php
Use My Default Settings File SEO Version : stallion_defaults_seo.php
Use My Default Settings File : stallion_defaults_custom_1.php
Use My Default Settings File : stallion_defaults_custom_2.php
Use My Default Settings File : stallion_defaults_custom_3.php
Use My Default Settings File : stallion_defaults_custom_4.php
Use My Default Settings File : stallion_defaults_custom_5.php

Note: after Saving Settings this option should revert back to “Use Current Settings”, this is normal.

You will find a folder “/stallion-responsive/mydefaults/” with the files “stallion_defaults.php” and “stallion_defaults_seo.php”. They include all the themes options (except the Theme Activation ID). If you have added your own preferred settings to these files you can propagate this site with those settings with two clicks of the mouse.

stallion_defaults.php include the themes default settings (safe settings, many awesome features turned off).
stallion_defaults_seo.php are the settings I tend to use as a starting point on many sites for maximum SEO.

“stallion_defaults_custom_1.php” to “stallion_defaults_custom_5.php” are blank files for adding your own options. Best way to use them is copy the content of either “stallion_defaults.php”, “stallion_defaults_seo.php” into one of the “stallion_defaults_custom_*.php” files and edit to your needs. Copy the “stallion_defaults_custom_*.php” file to the Stallion Responsive Child theme folder “/stallion-responsive-child/mydefaults/” and activate above.

Using these files completely overwrites any current settings except your theme activation ID. You will find my AdSense, Chitika usernames and the AdSense search form code in both files and in the SEO file my Twitter Username. Change these settings to yours (edit the files in a text editor) and you are ready to go. Or edit manually via the Stallion options pages after running them. Remember every time you update to a new version of Stallion the files will be over written by the new files unless you add your modified files to the child theme folder /stallion-responsive-child/mydefaults/, keep offline backups of your changes.