Comment on Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Layout Options by SEO Dave.

WordPress 2 Column Layouts That’s just a static page.

Created a WordPress Static Page, added content as you do :-)

“Settings” >> “Reading”
Tick “A static page (select below)”

Select the WordPress Static Page I made.

I did create a new WordPress Custom Page Template for this page which I called “No H1 Header, Meta Area, Author Bio” which as the name suggests is a template that doesn’t add a H1 header or the meta date area and the author biography box.

Wanted to set the H1 header manually to “Best WordPress SEO Package for Business” whilst setting the title tag to “WordPress SEO Packages”: standard page template the title tag is also added to a H1.

Didn’t want a meta date area which on other pages says “Post by SEO Dave updated October 1, 2014” and didn’t want the author biography box on the home page.

I’ll be including the page template in Stallion Responsive 8.2. but it’s a highly specific template, deleted several features as described above.