Comment on Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Layout Options by Erik.

WordPress 2 Column Layouts 1-So just to make sure I understand, let’s say I have Page A with 100 links on it. Of those 100 links, 5 go to the same webpage, Page B, using the same URL. You wrote:

“Basically if you have 5 links on a page to a webpage with the exact same URL only the first links anchor text found in the code is indexed as anchor text (passes SEO benefit to the linked to page), the other 4 links would be indexed as body text (Google ignores them as links).”

Does this mean that Page B with 5 links pointing to it gets 5% of Page A’s available link benefit, or just 1%? I am reading this as just 1%.

“As long as the URLs don’t have #something at the end doesn’t matter how many duplicate links you add, Google only counts the first one.”

From this it sounds like if the links have #something at the end, they will each pass link benefit (but if they don’t have #something, then only one will?)

Just asking about link benefit, not necessarily how Google treats the anchor text.

2-Point well taken about keyphrases. Have started doing them but as you say it’s a slog.

“You only benefit from this SEO wise if you set the Stallion Keyphrases for pretty much all your posts.”

Unfortunately, I have about 2,000 posts on the site. So your suggestion that nearly every post ought to have keyphrases set means I have a lot of work to do. No getting around that.

Being a blog with a lot of conversational reader back-and-forth, some of the posts will simply not be ideally SEO-ed and designed to live forever in search results. Some titles are thus not going to be keyword optimized.

This idea might fit in the same realm as the usability concept you suggested above, about leaving thumbnails linked. It’s something that makes it friendlier for the reader. A trade-off on a blog vs. a purely content site. I’d describe mine as a hybrid of those two.

So I oscillate between writing what I think are keyword-friendly titles, and titles which I feel will draw the reader in. If you go back the past few years I probably end up with a 60/40 or 70/30 keyword-focused/reader-friendly mix.

The posts you pulled in the example above were 80% forgotten posts, from 6-7 years ago, even more poorly done than later posts.

Maybe I should simply delete them, though have heard mixed advice on whether that’s good. Or could just improve them, but then the question is what to prioritize of these tasks.

With almost 40,000 comments on the site, writing titles for each will be another slog, though I generally always title my own comments. But, sometimes I haven’t, so you’ll find the auto-generated Hi Katie one you shared above.

Again, no way around doing the work. Your results are motivating. Obviously it’s clear from your response you feel keyphrase usage is one of the very most important features.

P.S. Feel free to change my comment title :)