Comment on Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Layout Options by SEO Dave.

WordPress 2 Column Layouts There’s dozens of Stallion layouts and color schemes each with their own CSS files, so depends what layout and color schemes you’ve set.

You’ll find all CSS files under /stallion-seo-theme/colors/ basically a site will use one layout file and one color scheme file, though if you set unique layouts and color schemes on the Page/Post edit screens a site can use them all in various combinations. If you’ve done this you would have to edit all the CSS files you’ve used.

The fifth footer area uses the same CSS rules as the main sidebar and other footer widget areas, it’s spread over the layout and color CSS files. The widget is located above the footer, not below it, if you scroll to the bottom of this page you’ll see I’ve got the big Add To Cart button within the fifth footer area: added as a text widget.

To answer your first question the footer size is fixed on the layout files, think I set to 70px.

There’s a footer navigation menu, again on this page you can see 4 text links at the bottom of the footer area. Can’t add text (only links) added under Appearance > Menus.