Comment on WordPress Theme Development by Rachel.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Hi David,
Just some words before –

I know how to put the 728 ad under the top navigation and main content area. That’s easy. It doesn’t perform like putting it under the post title – I have already checked it.
The key reason for my initiative, above what I said, is that the 328×280 or 300×250 under title have a real negative impact on the user experience – People leave the site earlier, while 728 doesn’t create such an impact.
I see it like that – 328 and 300 are good for the incomes but less good for the site’s long run success.
The new text style of 728, the horizontal texting, is what makes it so good for content based websites.

BTW: This type of a column, with variable lengths, can be seen in the online New York Times and some other online magazines – They employ the best designers and there’s a good reason they selected this layout for their main content column..

So, with your inputs above, I am going to put some time on it.

My CSS knowledge is limited as an autodidact but I’ve manage to work through/around many styling challenges till now.
[[3 years ago, when buying the Tallian, my English and my web knowledge was close to zero. I am improving :-) ]]