Comment on WordPress Social Network Theme by Mark Biernat.

WordPress Promotion Theme Dave, I have run the gauntlet on WordPress plugins. Installing and uninstalling them on WordPress test sites for hours. Each one has something that does mess up SEO a bit. Maybe one plugin that is not SEO is OK if you are using Stallion, because you have a good base. However, the thing is if that one thing like a ‘no follow’ shows up on every page and post, it eventually does change how a search engine evaluates your site.

Regarding, ideas, yes it would be great if you had a thread just for ideas and improvements in general. I know you can not do every one and this might open the flood gate for everyone demanding everything, but it could also be a source for brainstorming.

Maybe you open a tread even on Panda or Google changes? I do not know. I know that some of my websites are doing fine and others took a dip. So you could use some of the chatter to come up with ideas, although no one really knows the deal with the change.