Comment on WordPress Social Network Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Promotion Theme You hit the nail right on the head when you said “I noticed most social plugins have no follows etc, and really do not do it right in terms of code”.

There’s lots of WordPress plugins that do social media promotion that looks good and works from a user perspective, but the code is so wrong SEO wise I can’t use it on an SEO theme! Most of the social media promotion plugins use nofollow on the links and as you know nofollow is so SEO damaging we can’t use it.

It pretty much leaves us with using javascript or possibly iFrames for social media buttons and there’s not a lot of social media promotion plugins built that way. Currently testing this plugin which uses the same sort of javascript/CSS combination code I use for the Stallion link cloaking. Got it running on a development server, but out the box it doesn’t show up on single posts/pages, shows up on archive pages instead (looking into it)! Not spent long on it, but it’s similar to what I’d have designed if I had to build it from scratch.

Although I’m not going to add every feature I use directly into Stallion because some things are better dealt with using dedicated plugins (like the plugins listed at WordPress SEO Plugins) there are more features I want to add to Stallion and better integration into social media networks is on the list. Been looking for auto posting new posts to Facebook for example, but not found a plugin that works yet, use this plugin for Tweeting old posts automatically (had that running on my wife’s sites for a while and it’s generated 3,000 Tweets :-)).

I like the Article RSS change suggestion, will be in the next update.

I’m always open to good ideas, currently looking for a new theme look for a larger sidebar size version of Stallion and not sure what to use yet. Have made a new theme colour that has a different background colour, if you have a monitor setting above 1,000 width the background outside 1,000 is dark purple/blue (added a matching header image and other images).