Comment on WordPress Social Network Theme by Mark.

WordPress Promotion Theme I have always somewhat ignored SEM. However, with the recent Panda update I am looking to diversify more into social media and promotion more, just in case.

Do you think in the next release you will expand the social promotion options?

For example:
Stumble is pretty big now (the number 2 source of Social Media traffic), perhaps a button at the bottom option, with fat juicy icons, with number count.

fb_xd fragment could be changed.

Maybe ‘follow us’ or ‘follow me’ including FB, Twitter, Stumble, Youtube widget. The reason here is many non techy people do not even know what RSS is.

Note this is different from the stumble or like buttons at the bottom of the post which gives thumbs up to a post rather than connects you to the feed (you know this writing this for others).

Change the language for example ‘entries RSS’ to something like Post or ‘Articles RSS’ or something non geeks would understand.

Comments RSS I find important as people keep coming back to the comments.

Could be other ideas I am not aware of as I am not an SEM guy.

I know this is a lot of coding and can be done with plugins, but I noticed most social plugins have no follows etc, and really do not do it right in terms of code, although some look pretty cool like ‘share and follow’.
So it is just an idea for the future.