Comment on WordPress Social Network Theme by Erik.

WordPress Promotion Theme Hi Dave,

After getting my design shaped up more or less I finally launched Stallion on my site yesterday.

Things are pretty good, however in wp-stats my Facebook referrer views rocketed from a typical 50-100/day to 764 (I had switched ON the Facebook button feature in the Stallion Promotion panel). A friend of mine with the Stallion theme has been experiencing something similar.

Checking in Google Analytics shows just 48 visits from FB yesterday, nowhere near 764. I also noticed in the Analytics content section that some of my page urls were double-listed, and the extras had the additional ending fb_xd_fragment.

Doing a google search for “fb_xd_fragment” seems to show that it is an FB bug of some sort. I’m not sure if there are any negative effects other than the apparent misalignment of stats. Maybe you are aware of all this and have covered it somewhere I missed, but just wanted to let you know and see if there was a solution.