Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow I don’t think the current Stallion 2011 Header code which is based on the WordPress default TwentyEleven theme code would be adaptable to something like that.

The Stallion 2011 header image feature basically uses a set of 8 images that can be randomly selected, but always links to the home page. If a large WordPress Featured Image is associated with a post it will be used for the Stallion 2011 header image. So there’s no setting of linking to say 5 posts with a next/previous button set.

The Stallion Featured Posts Slideshow is close to what you want, the only problem is the positioning it currently only works as you want with the no sidebars layout.

To stop the slideshow from sliding to the next image set “Slideshow Timing” to a very high number, it won’t change image until the next/previous arrows are clicked or the user waits a very long time.

When I was designing the slideshow feature I thought about having it as full width for all layouts (would have been easier to code), basically would be like the no sidebars layout for all layouts with no resizing.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to add a new option where the slider goes below the header area, since you can already set the slider timer high effectively turning it off and can already turn off the header area might be able to have this for the next Stallion release by adding a new option in the update.


Update: above is built into the latest version of Stallion Responsive.