Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow Including Pages in the Stallion Featured Posts Slideshow would require a fair amount of code changes, so not easy, I have no plans to include Pages in a future update.

If you must use Pages I’d look for a slideshow plugin.

You are wrong about static Pages ever being treat differently to blog Posts, everything WordPress generates is dynamic. Basically Google looks at the filename and guesses if it’s dynamic or not (no way to tell for sure).

If Googlebot see .html, .htm, / it’s going to assume static HTML, if it sees .php, .asp etc… without variables (lacks ?) I’d expect Googlebot to assume it’s static.

If Googlebot sees variables it’s definitely dynamic and spidering is meant to be slightly slowed.

Reality is it’s all irrelevant, Google only slows the spidering of dynamic pages a small amount so they don’t crash sites with millions of URLs, so the gain is marginal at best (nothing to worry about).

Stallion generates dynamic URLs if you use the Stallion SEO Super Comments feature, see the links at the bottom right corner of large comments (like this one) there’s links to pages like the URL includes “?cid=24929” (that’s a variable Comment ID, dynamic URL).

Remember there are plugins to convert static Pages into blog Posts, if you go that route make sure the URL doesn’t change. If you set your permalinks to something like .html you shouldn’t convert Pages into Posts because you’ll loose the .html. The only permalinks structure that works is /%postname%/ if that’s not your current Custom URL DO NOT change Pages into Posts.