Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow The Stallion Featured Posts Slideshow works with Posts only, so no option to use Pages.

That being said with all the built in features of Stallion there’s not a lot of difference between a Post and Page if you know what you are doing :-)

Before ruling out using the Featured Posts Slideshow feature on a site why are the articles you want to use in the featured slideshow created as Pages and not Posts?

The main difference between a Post and Page in other WordPress themes is with Pages you can select Page templates, this isn’t the case for Stallion, the Page templates are available to Posts as well. The main difference between a Stallion static Page and a blog Post is a Page isn’t linked into the archive type sections of a site (not added to Categories, Tags etc…). Output wise there’s not really any difference, the differences are minor and activating the right Stallion features means what is unique about static Pages in other themes can be used on Posts as well.

Wouldn’t be that difficult to add some Post to a Category you hide (Stallion feature) so it’s not linked from archives (would be linked from the home page if it uses archived posts) and build a custom menu to link to those posts so they have links to them. When setting up widgets exclude the post from that Category (Stallion feature). That would give you Posts that are are a lot like Pages.

It it were me I’d turn the Pages into Posts so I could use them as long as changing them didn’t damage the links structure.

I’ve not used a slideshow plugin I’d recommend, most have big SEO mistakes, the Stallion slideshow takes SEO into account.

Like most themes, Stallion will work with most plugins, I use WP SuperCache on my sites for example. Problem is there’s a lot of plugins and themes for that matter that cause SEO damage so should be avoided.

It’s why I add so many plugins into Stallion, if a plugin has SEO mistakes (or features missing) that I really want to use I rewrite the plugin code to fix the mistakes and mash other Stallion features together, since I don’t want to maintain and support a dozen plus derivative plugins that only work with Stallion makes sense to have them as built in plugins only Stallion users can use.

When an original plugin is working how I want it to work there’s no reason to edit the code or include it with Stallion, WP SuperCache for example works, no reason to edit the code or add it to Stallion, there’s also other plugins that work like WP SuperCache, wouldn’t want to lock a user into what I use without a very good reason. I added the All In One SEO Pack Plugin to Stallion with significant code and feature additions, truth is All In One is a simple plugin that was easy to adapt to my needs. Yoast WordPress SEO in comparison has a few features I’d like to add to Stallion, but it wouldn’t be suitable as a base for a Stallion built in plugin, has too many features I wouldn’t add to Stallion.