Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow I loaded your site and it loaded in seconds. It’s probably not refreshing, but loading what the site uses slowly.

Assuming you haven’t turned off “Queries ON” on the Stallion Layout Options page, log in to your sites Dashboard, then go to the sites home page, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see something like this:

77 queries in 0.662 seconds (Memory Usage 3.91MB): 2013 test running Stallion WordPress SEO 7.1.1
82 queries in 0.308 seconds (Memory Usage 8.41MB): 2014 test running Stallion Responsive 8

the above is what I see for my site (this one). Those are ‘very good’ numbers, though it’s not the actual loading time for everything since doesn’t take into account images.

This gives you an idea what WordPress and Stallion are doing, basically what’s happening on your site. If you see a LOT of queries (300+) you are probably using a plugin that’s poorly written and it’s causing a lot of database queries this will slow a site down. If you see loading time is taking 3+ seconds you’ve probably set something your host can’t handle or there’s another issue like a cheap host that’s over sold resources (not easy to figure out the cause).

This is a very basic check, doesn’t take into account images or other resources your page is using like ‘linking’ to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (all those social media buttons are loaded from external sources, you have 30 loaded on your home page), Google AdSense, external images etc… Everything on a page has to load and if you have a lot to load or one or more external sources are slow it can cause a site to load slowly. If you had 10 images loaded on the home page and they are all 2MBs each, that’s a lot of data to load, looks like your images are around 30KB each, not that big, but there’s 10 of them so that’s 3MB of data to load in images. You might find for example in the bottom status bar of Firefox it takes a while for Facebook/Twitter scripts to load slowly. More things you use on a page more things that can go wrong.

If you find your site can’t handle everything you want to achieve you either have to remove features or pay for a better host, that’s assuming you haven’t made a poor choice with a plugin for example: there’s some plugins out there that are awful on database usage, I used one that added 300+ queries on most pages and 1,000+ on some, brought the site loading time to a crawl!!!