Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow View source of your home page you will find this code on line 14:


As long as that code is there the Stallion Featured Slideshow won’t work correctly, the Stallion slider uses Jquery-min and you must have a plugin that’s loading Jquery and it’s causing a conflict.

Either disable the plugin or disable the Stallion slider, they won’t be compatible. As long as that code loads the Stallion Slideshow won’t work correctly.

The slider layout you want isn’t built into the Stallion slideshow code, you’d have to make major code modifications (I’ve not tried to code that layout, so have no code examples). Because of all the main Stallion layouts the Stallion Featured Slideshow PHP code is quite complicated, I had to take into account 10+ different sizes for the slideshow box (if under Stallion Layout you switch to a different Layout like double sidebars the slideshow gets smaller to fit), so you’d need to be proficient in PHP and CSS to achieve what you want, would be easier to find a slider plugin that does what you want and disable the Stallion slider.