Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow That’s not enough information to determine the problem.

URL of the site, what are you seeing, error messages, have you set Stallion Thumbnails for the posts you want to be part of the slideshow and ticked the use in the slideshow under those posts edit pages, have your turned slideshow on under the Stallion options????

The cache permissions is only part of the setup, that’s so specific sized images are generated to save bandwidth. Did you try 755, 775 and 777? Are other thumbnails working (if thumbnails features are turned on), if so it’s not a cache issue. You can also use FTP to look inside the cache folder, are there files present, if you are using a Stallion feature that generates thumbnails there will be files in the cache folder, which would mean you had to have set the permissions correctly.