Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow Not that long ago I worked on the Stallion Featured Slideshow code and already forgot what all the parts are, had to look them up :-)

The file


Has the main image sizes for the Stallion Featured Slideshow.

For example this code sets the sizes for the no sidebar layout:

if (st_sidebar_lo() == '1000')
$st_feature_thumb_width = 970;
$st_feature_thumb_height = 300;

You could change the height ($st_feature_thumb_height) to 400 for example.

You also have to edit the CSS file for the layout used, if using the no sidebar layout (100px wide) edit the file


Find (near the bottom)-

margin:10px auto 60px auto;
#st_feature {
border: 1px solid;
#st_feature #st_feature_content{

You’ll need to set the height and width to take into account your new sizes added to the other file.

If you want a height of 400px for example you’d change the first height to 402px and the second one to 400px.

Changing the width would be harder because the width set is based on the width of the layout used, maximised to fit basically (using as much space as possbile for the layout). You could make the widths smaller than those currently set, making them wider would ruin what the theme looks like.

If you use another Stallion layout edit the CSS file that’s used for that layout. style-200l200l.css is the double left 200px wide sidebars for example.

I think that’s it.