Comment on WordPress Image Slideshow by SEO Dave.

WordPress Slideshow Found the problem which I thought I’d resolved before release.

Setting to 3 shows 1 post, setting to 4 shows 3 posts, setting to 5 shows 4 posts, setting to 6 shows 5…

The fix is set the number to more than you need (10 for example) and only tick the “Use in Featured Slideshow” box in the 3 posts you want to be featured (which I assume you would do anyway :-)).

There is an argument having a number set in this feature is overkill since there’s no good reason why anyone would select say 10 posts as featured and set the slider to show 5.

Will get that fixed for the next release, might just remove that setting and hard code to 20.

BTW you aren’t selling Stallion sites without buying a separate Stallion ID for each domain you sell? Stallion is single user, you can use it on as many domains of yours as you like, but if you sell a domain the new owner needs to buy a Stallion ID : you or they can buy it through your Clickbank link so you get 50% of the sale price. If I find customers selling Stallion sites without buying an ID for each domain I can disable the ID.


Edit: Well that’s weird, the fix I added before release was what caused this issue. When I was building the slider when I set the number to say 5 there would be 6 posts shown, so subtracted 1 from everything (3 showed 5 so subtracted 2 from that) which fixed the issue. Now it’s working correctly with the fix taking 1 off (or 2 in the case of 3)! Must have been another issue that caused it not to work when I was building it and my fix broke working code :-)