Comment on WordPress SEO Google XML Sitemap by SEO Dave.

Google XML Sitemap SEO Test Google has used the XML sitemap I generated with the Stallion Responsive SEO Super Comments URLs included and the “Legit Ways….” test has been indexed and ranked in Google.

This is early results (hours into the SEO test), so not a lot can be concluded beyond Google will use an XML sitemap to index pages that lack links (we already knew that) and it will in the short term rank them (that’s not surprising – it’s what happens long term that’s important).

Google XML Sitemaps SEO Test Results The Stallion SEO Super Comments page is currently ranked at number 20 in Google for the comment title, see the screenshot to the right.

I’m avoiding using the comment title here so this linked comment doesn’t compete for the SERP.

The test SERP is long tail and unlikely to generate much if any traffic, but it is higher than I’d expect, the URL has no backlinks so it’s not costing this site any link benefit to be indexed or ranked.

Looking forward to seeing the long term SEO test results.

David Law