Comment on WordPress SEO Google XML Sitemap by SEO Dave.

Google XML Sitemap SEO Test As mentioned in the main Google XML Sitemaps article I’ve submitted my first XML sitemap to Google for this site.

There are URLs on this site with content (not much) that have no backlinks (internal or otherwise), Google doesn’t know they exist (at least not from a link). The XML sitemap should be the only way for Google to find all the URLs.

Google XML Sitemap SEO TestThe SEO test is to see if submitting URLs to Google that have no backlinks (no way to find them) not only sends the Google search engine spider (Googlebot), but also keeps the URLs indexed long term AND ranks the ‘hidden’ content just from being spidered via an XML sitemap.

I have my doubts, I can see Googlebot spidering the content via the sitemap on a regular basis, so might keep it indexed long term, but I highly doubt the content will rank for anything worthwhile.

Easiest way to run an SEO test is remove as many variables as possible, so I obviously can’t link to any of the Stallion SEO Super comments URLs that are too small to automatically generate a link. there’s going to be plenty of URLs to play with since comments that are below 400 characters lack the links,

“?cid=926” : Comment Title – “AdSense Cheating isn’t Illegal”

If you search Google for the title you’ll see the main article for the comment is on is ranking in Google (not because of the XML sitemap) at That tells me it’s an easy long tail SERP and will be interesting to see what happens when the Google spiders and indexes the Super Comment URL.

Will the main article still be ranked for the above SERP, or will the Super Comment URL with no backlinks be ranked? We shall see.

Next we have a short comment I’ve just changed the comment title to, so we have a unique long tail SERP.

“?cid=915” : Comment Title – “Legit Ways to Make Money from AdSense”

If you do the exact search in Google (exact search means surround by “Speech Marks”) right now there are no exact matches. After Google indexed this comment and the comment I just changed the title on there will be at least 4 pages using the above text. The comment without a backlink will use the above text as the title tag, so if Google isn’t taking the links into account you would expect the URL with the exact match title tag to rank first.

That will do for now, will think up a few long tail SERP tests and add them to the comments here as well (new comments).

David Law