Comment on WordPress SEO Google XML Sitemap by SEO Dave.

Google XML Sitemap SEO Test There’s no built in Google sitemap.xml file with Stallion.

I haven’t added the option because it has little if any value in the real world and can make it harder to determine issues with spidering within a site.

All pages of a site should be spiderable by default, if Google can’t find a page through normal spidering you are doing something wrong that should be fixed. This problem can be masked by using an xml sitemap, the pages Google isn’t finding naturally can be found via the xml sitemap.

Google is not going to give a page decent rankings if it’s only found via an xml sitemap, so there’s nothing to gain SEO wise having pages indexed Google isn’t finding naturally.

That being said there’s plenty of free Google xml sitemap plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, never used one so no idea which is best.

Stallion 6.1 update is going extremely well, added another feature of a featured post slideshow for the home/archive pages with loads of different image effects (images fading in/out sort of stuff). Basically select up to 20 posts to add to the slideshow and it shows an image with a short excerpt of each post in a slideshow. Still planning to release this month, the slideshow was the last major feature I wanted to add for 6.1.