Comment on Duplicate Content and Canonical URLs by Clayton.

WordPress SEO Canonical URLs Hello David.

Thanks for the “fixes”. They all worked fine. I agree with you on the Links. Since I will have a lot of link resources over time, I will make a page called “Hiking Links” and have the blogroll point to the appropriate link page.

I do not want more than 50 links on a page so for each link resource category I will make a page break so the new set of links will be on a new page. ( I haven’t tried that yet but in the WordPress help files I found info on how to break a page into more than one pages.

***Here is what I think is a good question.***

In the past I have added a single post into several categories and never used tags. By doing that, am I making duplicate content?

I think it may be better for me to add multiple appropriate tags to a post and then just put the post under one category. I am creating Parent/Child categories such as “Canada” as parent and “British Columbia” as child and then a city such as “Kelowna” as a child of British Columbia. With this example, if the post I write is about a hike in Kelowna, I would just select Kelowna as the category and not Canada and British Columbia. Correct?

This is a detailed question about my site but I think it could apply to many Travel WordPress Blogs etc.