Comment on Duplicate Content and Canonical URLs by Nigel Hanwell.

WordPress SEO Canonical URLs Hi David.

OK this may not be a Stallion problem but I need to eliminate that from my list.

I have a plugin called Splash Plugin by kevin Lamb.

The plugin creates a little tab at the edge of your screens which then pops out when you hover over it. You can view it at the above page.

I installed it and everything was working fine but for some reason it stopped working. I contacted the developer and I also went to my Hosting provider, Justhost, to make sure there weren’t any server issues (which i think there might have been because I was getting WordPress errors). Justhost came back and said “they’d fixed the problem” but no joy.

I also deleted the plugin and reinstalled as advised by the developer, but still no joy.

When I view the source code of the “Show Content” tab I created seems to have duplicate code in the page, see lines 20 through 68 of the page. Each “Show Content” tab is created similar to a post but it then relates to left and right hand splash bars.

So when I delete a plugin or delete the “Show Content” splash bar should Stallion delete the code somehow?

Apologies that this isn’t directly related to Stallion David, but of course it might be hence the need to eliminate it.

Any suggestions gratefully received.