Comment on Duplicate Content and Canonical URLs by Mark.

WordPress SEO Canonical URLs The next issue is Google Panda is looking for a ‘heavy template footprint’. That of course does not mean WordPress per say. However, many websites like eHow got hit by Panda perhaps because of the template model of applying content.

Set up a template, add content and repeat. This was SEO of cira 2009. Now the rules have changed a bit and Google is not just looking for unique content between website, but also in your own site.

This is good news actually as it gives SEOs control over another on site factor.

The bad news is most people have set up websites not too far from the eHow model. That is write content and drop it in a template structure.

You can check duplicate content with something like this between your website pages. Chances are most people will come up with 90% plus, even 95%.

I think one issues here is having sidebar widgets and code that is more autogenerated than hand coded. That is one almost every page of your website the same sidebar widgets. Now if you write super long articles this is not as bad, as the ratio is decreased. However, must people do not write 8 hours a day.

Therefore, my question is, as SEO is a moving target and needs to be aware of the changes taking place, is there any way to make WordPress seem more human?

That is less template structure? I was thinking maybe having rotating sidebar widgets. That is on one page views maybe ‘popular posts’ appear. While on another page the widget shows ‘recent posts’. That is the ability to make the pages between websites more unique.

This is the new SEO challenge. What can be done for these new 2011 rules and how can Stallion continue to improve perhaps in this regard. Any suggestions or plugin recommendations are highly welcomed. I think this would be one more thing to get an edge over the next website out there who uses a 2009 Modus operandi. So would love the help in this regard as I am trying to get a number of websites recovered from Panda.

Unique pages in a non-template format might help out people a lot avoid a site wide Panda ranking demotion. I have read a lot on Panda and I think template websites were hit, that is a set up and content drop it in.

Along the same lines, to get you thinking about the future of Stallion, what features can be added to take this to the next step. That is make content more human, even if it is not. I do not know if Search engines can tell if a related posts is auto-generated or someone hand-made links in the website.

I think the old alinks model is less powerful than the add links by hand.

As Always a big thank you and sincere appreciation for your efforts helping others.

P.S. Tags have been eliminated on my websites and well constructed categories remain. I am trying to make my websites less cluttered and chance of duplicate content or low quality tag pages with one or two posts sitting in them.