WordPress SEO Tutorial updated February 2014

Anchor text is the visible text of a hyperlink (text link), the text link below links to https://stallion-theme.co.uk/ and the anchor text is Stallion Responsive Theme

Stallion Responsive Theme

The code for the above link is below:

<a href="https://stallion-theme.co.uk/">Stallion Responsive Theme</a>

The above text link is as simple as it gets, a URL and anchor text.

Anchor Text SEO

Links can also include images (image link), title attributes (for hoverover text), javascript, CSS styling and everything in between. In this WordPress SEO Tutorial section I’ll describe how to use anchor text effectively to get the most out of WordPress SEO in 2014.

WordPress SEO Anchor Text Value

The anchor text of links is very important to Google search engine rankings, over the years as their algorithm has developed it’s importance has shifted, but it is still very importance for SEO 2014. One of the great things about anchor text is it’s quite easy to setup quick SEO tests that informs us how Google counts anchor text, so below you’ll find SEO tests you can check out over time (keep an eye on the tests to see if Google changes how it counts anchor text etc…).

Quick SEO Test : Does Google count text within the title attribute?

<a href="https://stallion-theme.co.uk/" title="some text here that will show when hovered over">Anchor Text</a>

The code above shows how to add a title attribute to a text link, in 2014 Google does NOT give the content of the title attribute any SEO value, it’s ‘invisible’ to Google. The link below goes to a comment on this site and includes a title attribute with a made up unique keyword (hoverover the link and you should see the made up keyword: it ends in seo: I’ll periodically change the made up keyword so no one can destroy this SEO test).

Best WordPress SEO Setup

When I searched for this keyword in Google 7th February 2014 there were no results. I can’t use this made up keyword within this article as it will damage the SEO test, it has to be only within the title attribute above, view source of the link and copy and paste it into a Google search. If any pages from this site show up Google has changed the way it treats the title attribute of text links (or the SEO test has been broken).

If Google counted the title attribute towards search engine rankings you’d expect to see one or more of these conditions:

This page ranking in Google for the made up keyword.
The page the above link goes to ranking for the made up keyword.

As you can see above it’s not hard to setup SEO tests, basically isolate one SEO variable and test it. The benefit of having a science background, I studied for a Bsc degree in genetics around 20 years ago and planned to go into scientific research (had to give up my first career for medical reasons).

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