Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial 2014 Alt Text by Erik.

Search Engine Optimized Alt Text in WordPress Hi Dave,

Not sure if this is the right section but it seems the closest to what I’m looking for. I have a question about WordPress image linking. When you upload a photo in the WordPress post control panel, you are given the option to either “Link URL”, “Post URL”, or “None”.

Do you have an idea of which is best from an SEO standpoint? I’ve never paid much attention to this feature. I’ve seen it done all three ways and looking at some of your sites, it seems you are using the “None” option(?), where images are unclickable.

The reason I’m concerned is that my WP has been automatically set to “Post URL”, which I now realize has been essentially creating a separate page for each image.

Basically it creates a new page with only the text “This is an image of (image-name)”. When users click any image on my site it takes them to a pretty-much empty page with just the above text and image + the static portions of the site layout (blog title, sidebars, ads etc.) But that’s it.

Since I have over 2,000 images on my site, that is a lot of pages it has created. I’ve heard Google doesn’t like “light”, low-original-content pages, and I fear I may be hurting my SEO by having the image links structured in this format.

Do you have any sense of how this might affect SEO? I also wondered if this linking structure, essentially linking to each image on a separate page may also be simply sucking Google juice away from good pages and wasting it on essentially blank image pages. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

BTW, it’s been a while since I checked in over here but looks like you’ve been busy! Thanks for all the great work you’ve been doing to help us get the most out of Stallion.