Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial 2014 Alt Text by SEO Guy.

Search Engine Optimized Alt Text in WordPress Lately people started to realize the SEO importance of image optimization and in fact still there is a vast majority of people who still don’t know the search engine traffic power it holds, although some SEO professionals argue that image optimization only brings hits that are really useless in majority of the cases, but still image SERPs brings in people for you and it brings in a chance that people will visit your blog though majority of the people will go for stealing your pictures yet you get a chance where people might also visit your pages and read your articles. Good on-site optimized WordPress blogs need quality link building service to help increase SERP ranking and PageRank as well.

Lets just do a search in Google how optimizing your images might help you in a great way to get hits to your site. For this let me use the keyword “Superman” and search for it in Google and we will check the results.


As you can see on the right of the Google search results are images of Superman and why does Google brings in images for this term? Normally you won’t find images being displayed for long tail keywords but rather you will see images for single keywords like Superman, Spiderman etc.. reason is Google made a study what do people look for when they type in certain phrases like Superman and other keyword terms and they found that when people do a search for a definite term like Superman or Spiderman or whatever it is majority of the people who search these terms looked for pictures of it and they return results for pictures in the first results as well. So there is a chance that if you optimize your WP images you use in your blogs properly there is a chance that your images might come in the list of pictures at the top of Google web searches and also in the first page of Google image search there by people will visit your blog.

Image traffic is traffic…