WordPress SEO Tutorial updated February 2014 A permanent 301 redirect informs search engines and browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer etc…) a page has permanently moved to a new location. A visitor to a website visiting via a link that’s been 301 redirected will click a link with one URL, but load another URL. For example I moved some articles from another site to here, if a visitor found a link to http://www.stallion-theme.com/wordpress-seo-tutorial-duplicate-content-and-canonical-urls (old location) it would load https://stallion-theme.co.uk/wordpress-seo-tutorial-duplicate-content-and-canonical-urls/ (new location) in a browser since there’s a 301 redirect on the old site (added to the .htaccess file) to here. Search engines like Google will pass any SEO benefit (PageRank for example) and traffic from the old URL to […]

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