Comment on WordPress SEO by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO I’m using more complex thumbnail code for Stallion that uses a thumbnail upload feature built into Stallion (you can upload an image to use as the thumbnail) or links into the WordPress featured image feature or uses a YouTube screenshot or as a last resort grabs the last image from the post (your code does the last part only).

Stallion also links into the Timthumb.php script to keep the thumbnails small, you can upload a 1000px by 500px image and it will generate a thumbnail using the exact size (say 180px by 120px) you set under the Stallion options page. The thumbnails are also used in combination with the Stallion SEO Super Comments Feature: if you click the “WordPress SEO Theme Talian 5 with AdSense/Clickbank Ads” link on the bottom right corner of this comment it takes you to the Stallion SEO Super Comments version of the comment (a Google indexable SEO’d page generated from this comment) and it’s using a thumbnail from this post (all automated). The Stallion SEO Super Comments pages can generate SERPs in their own right on sites that have a fair number of comments.

This will soon all be added to Talian 6.3.

The time you spent coding the above into Talian 3 you could have setup Stallion 6.2 and generated a custom css file etc… to take into account your modifications :-)