Comment on WordPress SEO by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO “I believe you’re one of the best SEOs on the web.”

Thank you very much :-)

I’ve not used forums extensively, played around a bit with PHPBB and bbPress a bit, so not converted Talian to work with a forum yet.



I put a bit of effort into SEOing the PHPBB default template, but I just don’t like PHPBB. It is such a pain in the butt to manage SPAM posts etc… Where you can easily delete a comment in WordPress in one click, PHPBB requires about 5 clicks, click to view the post, click to delete it, click to remove inform the poster its as illegal software or something, click to delete it and then your redirected to the wrong page for more moderating!!!

It’s also a pain to setup SEO features, (requires editing core PHPBB files) removing session IDs etc… and even with the best SEO PHP mods it’s still not fully SEO’d. So I had enough of PHPBB and looked for an alternative. PHPBB is always getting exploited, so you have to keep up to date.

Playing around recently with bbPress, WordPress like format, much easier to work with from an SEO perspective, BUT I get the impression the developers are not doing much with it. So long term maybe not a good choice. It is pretty good SEO wise, but feature wise it’s lacking. No idea how secure it is, not many people use it relative to PHPBB, so guess hackers haven’t put much effort into it.

I’ve SEO’d the templates I’m using, but not to a great degree like I have with Talian because I don’t have many forum installations. Forums are so hard to get a user base.