Comment on WordPress SEO by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO I assume you mean you can’t add a URL to comments with the Talian theme. If so it’s something I added (well removed to be precise) to reduce comment SPAM for links).

By default Talian like all the WordPress themes on this site will not show the URL options for those posting comments on your WordPress blogs. The benefit of this is, it removes an incentive for link spammers to comment on your blogs. Some people only post on comments for links and quite frankly the vast majority of their posts are very low quality (over my WordPress blogs I delete at least 20 low quality comments a day despite no link being available!).

I’ve been running the themes this way for ages and have pages with hundreds of user comments since the vast majority of real website users who want to comment don’t care if they get a link or not.

That being said if you want the URL option look in the /alt-files/ folder of the Talian theme and you’ll find a comments.php file that includes the URL coding. Copy comments.php over the current file and you’ll see the URL box on comments again and author names will be links again (removed that as well).

I have a Yo Mammas So Fat jokes page with over 600 comments! The site as a whole has over 2,000 approved comments (I had to read them all and many are racist unfortunately!).

A page on the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax (or not) has 80+ comments. That site has only 18 posts with over 400 approved comments.

So you don’t need an incentive to get people to comment on a site. This site has over 200 comments spread over 28 posts/pages.

David Law