Comment on WordPress SEO by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO I’ve not used a sitemap with any WordPress blog so don’t know how you use it.

I know there is a sitemap.php file with the original theme and I left it in mine, but I’ve not optimised the code since loading the page results in an error page.

Had a hunch on how to use it and was right.

To create a sitemap create a new page (not a blog post, but a page like an about page). You can call it anything you like, but as it’s a sitemap naming the page Sitemap makes sense :-)

Somewhere (changed in WordPress 2.5) on the WordPress editor page will be a templates section, select the sitemap.php template file and save the page and you’ll have a new page that lists links to up to 1,000 of your posts.

Please note I haven’t optimised this page (going to have to now :-() so won’t have AdSense or SEO code (yet).

With regards adding a small image to the left of the name of the site in the header look to add your code around this area-

div class=”header_site_desc”>

Put it right after that div and it will be close to working.