Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Reviews by Mark.

Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Terence, I have two comments on your comments. :)

1) I agree that most people buy a book by its cover. I use to work in a bookstore for years, and know this to be true.
2) However, I would not say Talian is ugly at all. In fact it has brought me to riches and am grateful. What I personally did was modified the header and made really beautiful banners. I have kept the original black theme as it is good for photos which I use a lot of to pretty up my site. I also created a logo which is important for all sites. I use – its free and easy.

But all that said, I think more design options, colors like ‘white’ :) might be a good idea as from my experience in working in a bookstore. People really respond to book covers.

This theme is pure value. I would not hesitate to buy it based on style as the code is so good. I have been using WordPress for almost 5 years can say it is the best code. If you know a little CSS you can make it look like whatever.
I think the most important page is the first page. What I call a Wow page. If you make a custom WOW page which people land on. They are more likely to hang out of your site.
You do not need beauty to make a website rock, but you are right Terence people judge a book by its cover and it does not hurt.