Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Reviews by Terence.

Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Mark, you are 100% on-target from my point of view. I would have bought Talian theme a long time ago if it wasn’t so, well there’s no other word for it, ugly.

Most people are not web developers although they must, in order to develop a website that does substantial online business, learn to appreciate good on- and off-page SEO. Talian comes with excellent on page SEO built right in. Of that there is no doubt.

The problem is that, not being web developers, most people will continue their search to find the right theme for them based on the way they see it representing their business, or the way they want it to look, and believe that with the right SEO plugin(s) they will achieve something similar.

They won’t, of course, but that will not stop them trying. So they probably buy something like the Heatmap Theme because in terms of its looks, its streets ahead of Talian. And as a SEO’d theme, the latest version is very good.

Unless he has done extensive blind testing (which I doubt he has or I am sure he would have got the message a lot sooner), the author of Talian needs to take into account that he doesn’t really know why people buy his theme, only that they do (or do not).

I think when he offers the kind of look people see best representing their company or niche (not just the stark look of an typically ugly Adsense site), he will find that a lot more people buy his theme and are pleasantly surprised to find out the 1st class SEO advantages they get too.

Not at all the way he has seen his product and sold it so far, but then again, he is a developer. We just want the best theme (whatever that means) but for sure, it also means the best looking theme.