Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Reviews by Mark.

Stallion Responsive SEO Theme Your coding is second to none in terms of SEO themes. That is a given at that point. I am basically independent in my life partially because of your themes.

What I am really looking forward to is theme design options.

Many people still buy themes on looks and I think if you have a little extra in terms of style, it would go a long way in terms of return for you.
For example, is a site with a white theme (the lady who has this is a web designer obviously, think part of her 24k Alexa is from the design, people land on her page and say WOW.) but maybe that is not a practical look for your theme. ( is another, but that is a different animal as it is MU, it has a 2.5 look with image icons on the categories or tags)

Nor maybe it be the best in terms of income. I do not know. But it is just my two cents.
Feel free to ignore/delete any of my crazy ideas. Just brainstorming on your blog.