Comment on WordPress SEO Plugins by SueBee Weiss.

WordPress SEO Plugins I have been tinkering with websites lately for the first time in over 10 years. A lot has changed and as I build and learn and am constantly scouring the net to find simplicity in this overcomplicated world…. I found you! Answer to my prayers!

Thank you for existing and taking the complications out of an otherwise pretty simple (cut and dry) process in site building! I have toured SEO till I wanted to poke myself in the juggler with a rusty chainsaw. Played with All in One, Platinum, Yoast and yes even the new almighty SEOpressor….As I played with each one I sought out instructions on what might be the best settings and ways to use each one – THAT SUCKED! (pardon my tongue)

And then there was you! Thank You kind Sir! For just being you, first off. and for writing in a way that gives life back its simplicity – Thank you thank you thank you! You are so Super Duper and when the economy comes back and my career returns I will buy from you first. just for all that you give in the free world to us poor half-educated site building dreamers. You give me my vision back..and hope grew a bit bigger in stumbling upon you and yours. Keep up the good work and Cheers to you!